Hydro Dipping Process

Step 1: Preparation


Preparation is key to any product that stands out, that’s why we spend a significant time on this process. The surfaces will be sanded so they are keyed properly and any defects are filled.

Step 2: Prime


The next process is to prime the product filling any uneven surfaces and allowing the paint in next process to be applied correctly and evenly.

Step 3: Base Colour

Base Colour

The colour of the basecoat used can really change the overall finished look. Making each film unique to the customer’s demands.

Step 4: Hydro-Dip


This is the process in which the part is submerged into the water then activator is applied allowing the chosen film to adhere to your parts.

Step 5: Rinse


This is where the part is rinsed with water to remove any glue from the dipping process. The parts are
then dried afterwards.

Step 6: Clear Coat/Lacquer

Clear Coat/Lacquer

This process really enhances the chosen film and more importantly protects the design and component from oxidization, rust and wear and tear whilst leaving it with a brilliant shine.